Our Vision &


Our vision:

To restore and develop the artistry of wood and the people who do it. 

Our mission:

 To restore, teach and train the people of Cincinnati, who need a second chance, to become artist of wood.

The mission of the Restoration Woodshop is to give people who are in need of second chance the opportunity to work. We do that by providing a setting that will allow them to learn and develop healthy job and life skills. This is essential in order to help them begin their journey of living with a purpose.  We hire and train individuals who live in and around the Price Hill area and give them the opportunity to learn new skills that help them revitalize themselves and their families. We meet people where they are- free of judgement so they can discover the strengths, talent, and abilities of who God has made them to be.  

There are plenty of ways for you to get on board with what we are doing. Below are some different ways to get plugged in and to partner with us!


1. Buy our product. When you buy or use our services, you are taking a stance in helping men and women better themselves, and giving them a fresh start in life. 

2. Mentor a person. Bring a group to help us move, organize, and clean the shop. 

4. Hire a person we have trained. You can pay his or her way to success.

5. Pray for guidance, for provision, and for the right things for the shop.